Leonard Lionel: “I’ve never been so affected by racism until now.”

The treatment which Leonard Lionel and his friends received from the manager and staff at Cameo nightclub was “the straw that broke the camel’s back.”

These comments came after Mr Lionel and his friends were refused entry last Saturday night despite having paid £750 to pre-book their night out.

In the YouTube video which filmed the scenes outside of the club, Mr Lionel and his friends were very much convinced that they were only refused entry on the grounds that they were black.

When we got to the door you realised that we were black, that’s why you wouldn’t let us in.”

Off camera the club manager remained “tight lipped” as to why a large group of white men were let in and they were not.

Mr Lionel said that “Cameo and their representatives genuinely believed that what they were doing to us was acceptable because of the line of business that they are in.

“The fact that they were blatant and comfortable treating us in this manner is damning and upsetting, but upsettingly not rare.

“I have unfortunately experienced prejudice, discrimination and racism in many forms in my life, but I personally have never been so affected by racism until now.”

Mr Lionel has been incredibly thankful for all the support that he and his friends have received from the public over the past few days, “we are so touched and glad all you positive people have taken this on-board”.

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