Has the racism row impacted on Cameo’s business?

It has been a tough few days for Cameo after the popular student nightclub in Bournemouth made national headlines following their refusal to allow a group of black men to enter the club.

The accusations of racism could create a negative impact on the business as some may look to avoid going to the club caught up in these allegations.

Having conducted a student survey only 25% said that they would definitely go to Cameo on a night out again, while just over 60% said that they would not go for the foreseeable future.

Below is what some students had to say:

I personally disagree with their actions and do not wish to condone such behaviour, but hope this coverage of their acts will thus lead to significant change in action.”

“Until what has happened is resolved I don’t want to give money to a racist business.”

“There is no proof of racism, the men who were refused entry just assumed it was because they were black.”

While students did not agree with the club’s actions, the overall impression created was that they felt the club was too popular for them not to go on a night out there again.

According to I.T. student Ed Knight the club was as busy as ever on Wednesday night; “I see loads of people of different ethnic backgrounds at the club and never see racist behaviour going on there.”

However, since Saturday night’s incident, the club have now lowered the capacity of their booths to under 10 people in order to reflect their claims of not allowing groups of double figures to enter the club.

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