Interactive Documentary: Through The Void

As part of our Features & Online unit at university myself and four of my peers were asked to produce an interactive documentary exploring a topic of our choice.

Using the software called Klynt, we decided to produce a documentary focusing on Time Travel, trying to answer the question of whether it is possible already at this moment, or to find out how far we are away technology wise from making this a reality. We also explored the future of our planet, what we could learn from the past which archaeology cannot tell us already and which planets could potentially inhabit human life in the future.

You can view the Interactive Documentary by clicking this link

Gym Addiction – TV Documentary

As part of our TV unit myself and three fellow students were asked to produce a 7 minute TV Documentary on a topic of our choice, as long as it fitted in with the theme, ‘Features for Change’. We decided to focus our documentary on Gym Addiction, following the life of Charlie, exploring his compulsion and its subsequent consequences.

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TV News Package – Dorchester Literary Festival

For the TV unit during my second year I produced a TV News Package covering the opening day of the Dorchester Literary Festival on Wednesday the 19th of October 2016. This package was required to be 1 minute and 30 seconds in length, including two interviews, a visual sequence and a piece to camera. You can watch my video below:

TV News Package – Great Dorset Beach Clean

For the TV unit during my first year at Bournemouth University I was required to produce a TV package of a maximum of 1 minute and 20 seconds in length with a local news angle. For my story  I covered the Great Dorset Beach Clean event which took place at Durdle Door on Saturday the 23rd of April. I was really pleased with the final product as a finished news package and was delighted to be awarded a first for this piece, achieving a mark of 84%. You can watch my video below:

A2 Media Studies Music Video: Bastille – Laughter Lines

Below you can view my Music Video for Laughter Lines by Bastille. This was produced for my A2 Media Studies Coursework and was awarded an A grade.

Cast (In Order of Appearance): Emma Campbell, Harry O’Connor, William Coase, Timothea Wenner, Brian Cole & Jan Edwards.

Special Thanks to Caroline Coase, Nigel Coase & Stephen Hernandez.