Salzburg Global Seminar

Below you can watch the video of my reflections on being part of the 11th Salzburg Academy on Media & Global Change 16/07/2017-05/08/2017.

Video Diary created for the Global Horizon Funding program at Bournemouth University.

My work for the Salzburg Academy on Media & Global Change

So three incredible weeks in Austria have come to an end after graduating from the Salzburg Global Seminar on Friday. It was the experience of a lifetime and everyone who contributed to the project is an inspiration!

Myself and my group produced the ‘Hitchhikers Guide To Populism’ section on the website. This acted as a travel guide to explore the effects of populism across the globe.

We chose to focus on five countries: China, Mexico, Syria, the UK and the USA. We also created a feature where our readers can add their own travel guide to populism and the impact it has on their own country.

The main contributions I made to our project included helping edit and produce two of the main videos, ‘Breaking Barriers’ and ‘Syrians for Syria 2017’. I also produced an infographic on populism in the UK and wrote up our intervention for how our group went about creating our project.

You can view all of our work on Voices Against Extremism: Media Responses to Global Populism here: